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omg exam review is a pain in the ass

2008-01-28 15:13:57 by hobo-freek

one of my teachers mr. murray is one of the worst teachers you could every probly think of. he likes to go visit the gay pride parades and marry ugly ass chicks. he teaches english, science, history, and geography. as you may have gussed from my terible spelling he teaches me english. to be able to teach all these credits at his age there is only one reasonable explination. he sucked the board of directors cock. he shows that he cant teach for shit in his english class the most. in this class he likes to study fairly gay stories in the crossroads 10 book such a golieth and something about an anaconda in someones pants. for the final exam he wants me and my fellow classmates to memorise the main characters, authors, themes, initial insidents, rising actions, climaxs, conclutions, and weather or not the mian characters like fish. the reasoning of why this is a pain in the ass is that we have read about 7 - 9 short stories and one very long, boring, retartedly pathetic books known as the catcher in the rye. this book was about a mentaly retarted gay boy who pays for female prostotutes then gets their pimps to fist him. along with this review i have math review! which is obviouse enough of why it is a pain in the ass, however, the teacher of math in my school is a good teacher so i dont have to study as much as i do for english. dirty little gay ass bastard and may god bless america


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2008-01-28 19:12:46

sweet i can coment on my own news!